The Boorabee Park Wildlife Sanctuary

As with many other species of wildlife, the koala population has been destroyed. It's gone from 8,000,000 koalas to around 40,000 and we continue to lose them at the rate of about 8.5% per annum. Unless sanctuaries, dedicated to ensuring their survival, are established, koalas will soon be extinct.

The Boorabee Park Wildlife Sanctuary is WWS’ first Sanctuary in Australia. It comprises 166 hectares (411 acres) and is being established to help save the iconic koala and other endangered wildlife, indigenous to Australia, from extinction.

The land was secured at a price of $195,000 (Australian Dollars) and WWS is currently raising funds to pay off the loan it obtained to purchase the property.

WWS proposes to create many more wildlife sanctuaries In Australia and elsewhere in the World to save endangered wildlife from extinction

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