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WWS cannot stop human population explosion or rural and urban development from destroying our forests and the natural habitat on which wildlife relies to survive. But we can, with your help, buy land on which to establish, maintain and operate safe permanent wildlife sanctuaries for the conservation, care and protection of wildlife.

It’s difficult and cannot be achieved overnight – a long hard journey, and at my age, I can do little more than to set up the foundations so those with the same vision can take over and move WWS forward in the years to come. 

I invite you to join me on the journey. Let’s make it innovative, interesting and exciting. Under our first Campaign – The March of the Trees – we’ll plant 1,000,000 trees for starters.  We are also planning a great event, subject to getting a sponsor, that will capture the imagination of people everywhere, create worldwide awareness and call the world to take action to save endangered wildlife species, their habitat and the environment and help us establish wildlife sanctuaries. It’s an epic record breaking sailing event around the world that will provide massive media and social media opportunities to repeatedly send out our message. It’ll be known as “Sail 4 Wildlife” and will circumnavigate the world.

Please join me on the journey and invite all your friends along. Post your comments and share WWS’ website address with everyone.  I really look forward to the journey with you. Let’s make every step a winner.


Peter Steele,
WWS Founder

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