Departing The Gold Coast

I have finally commenced my solo sail to first circumnavigate Australia and then the World - my proposed route covers approximately 55,000 nautical miles (100,000 kms).

It’ll take at least 4 years (probably more). I estimate that actual sailing time spent will be about a year and a half with another two and a half years in port campaigning to create awareness about endangered wildlife and raise funds for World Wildlife Sanctuaries.

I left my berth at the Southport Yacht Club on the Gold Coast, Queensland, at 8.35 am on Friday 25th October 2018 to commence the sail around Australia. The first leg of my journey was about 120 nautical miles (222 kilometers) to Maclean on the Clarence River in New South Wales. WOW only 54,880 nm or 99,778 kms to go.

On my sail down I had a dolphin and a couple of whales visit and follow the yacht to wish me well and encourage me on my journey.

Very hot during the day and cold at night. 33 hours sailing in fluky winds, tacking most of the way brought me to Yamba at the entrance of the Clarence at 5.40 pm on the next day. No sleep. I took it easy, only using the jib and not the mainsail. And guess what? 5.40 pm was low tide at Yamba, so furled in the jib and motored up the Clarence to the Yamba Marina. After rounding Dart Island, following the buoys and the leads, my 6 feet keel was too deep to get through at low tide. Went aground gently in the channel in what felt like a soft slushy bottom. Waited about an hour for the tide to come in and give me sufficient depth to motor on.

Berthed at Yamba overnight and caught up on my sleep.

Next day, motored up river to the Harwood Bridge. It opened at about 10.45 am to let me and a couple of other yachts through.

I’m now safely berthed at the private wharf at Maclean, owned by and adjoining the SPAR store in the town.

Should be here about 4 weeks to conduct a campaign for the koalas.

To top things off we just received our first donation through the website from a wonderful lady called Robyn Cronin, Thank you so much it is really appreciated!