About Us

World Wildlife Sanctuaries ("WWS") is an international family of persons who share a common concern for the world's wildlife and environment and help care for and protect our wildlife and create a healthy environment.



We are committed to:

  • Raising awareness about the plight of koalas and other endangered wildlife
  • Raising funds for koala and other wildlife sanctuaries to:
    • Buy land;

    • Establish safe permanent wildlife sanctuaries; and

    • Grow trees.

We are a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers with plans to expand

We buy land on which to establish safe permanent koala and other wildlife sanctuaries. We also plant and grow trees to provide habitat and food for koalas and other wildlife.

Our trees also sequestrate carbon and help neutralize the world’s carbon footprint.

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We’ll make a huge difference if we all work together! 


Peter Steele

Founder/Campaign & Events Coordinator

Peter Steele, a retired lawyer, founded World Wildlife Sanctuaries (“WWS“) as a not-for-profit entity, to establish safe permanent wildlife sanctuaries for the conservation, care and protection of endangered koalas and other wildlife.

He believes we cannot stop the human population explosion or rural and urban development that is destroying our forests and the natural habitat on which koalas and other wildlife rely for survival. However, he believes that we can establish numerous safe, permanent wildlife sanctuaries for their conservation, care and protection; where animals live in their natural environment as nature intended.

He also believes that time is running out and that WWS must be driven to achieve its aims with increasing urgency.

Time is also fast running out for him. In the few short years he has left, he is determined to lay the foundations for a global WWS, where those who take over the running of the organization set no limits to what may be achieved.