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    Objective: Create awareness about the plight of our wildlife and raise funds for establishing sanctuaries for their conservation.

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    Help save the iconic koala and other endangered wildlife

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Saving Endangered Wildlife. Creating Wildlife Sanctuaries. Planting Trees.


    We're here to help

    Every year, thousands of wildlife species, animals and birds, are driven to extinction because their natural habitat is being destroyed. Human population explosion and an ever increasing demand for natural resources plus massive deforestation and land clearance for urban and rural development is destroying 7.3 million hectares of our world’s forests annually. Wildlife is disappearing with the trees. 

    World Wildlife Sanctuaries (“WWS”) is a not-for-profit organisation and is operated by Volunteers.

    WWS cannot stop human population growth or development. But, it can and is creating safe permanent Wildlife Sanctuaries for the protection and propagation of endangered koalas and other wildlife.

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  • The purpose of this event will be to publicise that our koalas and other wildlife are endangered and will soon be extinct.

    Setting sail from the Gold Coast in Australia on 14 October 2018 at 82 years of age, Peter Steele (founder of World Wildlife Sanctuaries) will spend the next 3 to 4 years sailing 48,000 nautical miles (88,896 kilometers) around the World.

    His sail will create many world records and he’ll use the publicity generated to create awareness about the plight of endangered koalas and other wildlife and raise funds to buy land on which to establish sanctuaries for their conservation.

    The purpose will be to:

    • Use the publicity generated by Sail 4 Wildlife to create awareness about various species of endangered wildlife.

    • Use the first leg of the voyage around Australia to publicise and raise funds to help save Australia’s endangered koalas from extinction.

    • Use subsequent legs of the voyage around the World to publicise and raise funds to help save various other species of endangered wildlife in other parts of the World from extinction.

    Want to help Peter save the koalas and other wildlife?

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  • CCWRC - Kilograms 4 Koalas

    Our target is to raise funds and awareness to save our koalas and other wildlife from extinction.

    Participate in the Challenge for your chance to become a World Champion while helping to save koalas from extinction.

    If you cant’ participate in the Challenge for any reason, you can sponsor’s Peter’s Charity Challenge World Record Attempt. In addition to sailing around the World, he has committed to create a Charity Challenge World Record by lifting 40,000 kilograms.

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  • We acquire land to create safe permanent wildlife sanctuaries and provide natural habitat for endangered koalas and other wildlife.

    Our first Sanctuary in Australia is "The Boorabee Park Wildlife Sanctuary".  It comprises 166 hectares (411 acres) in northern New South Wales Australia, and will be established to help save endangered koalas and other wildlife indigenous to Australia from extinction.

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    March of the trees is a WWS’ Campaign.

    The first stage of the Campaign is to plant 40,000 trees to sequestrate 16,000,000 kilograms (16,000 tons) of carbon emissions every year from the time they are fully grown for the next 35 years or more – that’s a total carbon sequestration.

    To have WWS plant a tree in your name or to offset your carbon emissions simply click the link below.
  • Formula 4 Success

    Formula 4 Success is an outstanding book written by Peter Steele. It provides a road map to success for life, business, career, wealth creation or whatever other material target or goal you set yourself.

    It makes a wonderful gift for anyone starting out in life or struggling to get ahead.

    It’s available in the following formats:
    • E-book at $9.95; and
    • Hard copy at $39.95 plus postage.

    Peter has donated all profits from these book sales to World Wildlife Sanctuaries.

    Help yourself or a friend whilst helping wildlife. Buy a book by clicking link below

    Formula 4 Success - COMING SOON!